Craving a little bit of an adrenaline rush? Fancy something a little more exciting than a Saturday spent lounging in front of the television? Well, you’re in luck! LivingSocial has come up with an excellent range of deals on paintballing experiences in and around Nottingham, all with shockingly good discounts! Whether you’re a purist, and you want to enjoy your colourful warfare in a giant, wooded outdoor arena, or you’d prefer to stay out of the weather and take aim in an indoor setting, we’ve got a deal to suit you. From one half-hour game with a mate or two, to a day of several games with twenty of your friends, with options to include lunch, snacks and paintballs themselves, all you need to do is choose a deal to take aim at!




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Paintballing for 10 - Allied Paintball - Over 15 Locations!