Cakes and Baking

The human mouth contains a variety of different types of teeth… There are canines, incisors, molars, and of course, the famous ‘sweet tooth’! If you’ve got more of these than the rest, then LivingSocial is on hand to help satisfy your cravings, with a range of delicious deals on cakes and baking services across London and the neighbouring areas, all with sweet discounts! So, if you’re looking for cakes and pastries for a special occasion and you can’t face spending hours wrestling with your baking phobia, we’ve got you covered! From beautifully frosted individual cupcakes to personalised wedding, birthday and special occasion cakes, we’ve got delicacies created to your specifications by professional bakers, available at great prices, all at the click of a button!




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Artisan Bread Making Class Voucher - 3 Locations!
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