Online E-File Course

£8 instead of £75 for an Online E-File Course from Kirren Karara Beauty Academy - save 89%




Online E-File Course
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Online E-File Course

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Save 89%!
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£8 instead of £75 for an Online E-File Course from Kirren Karara Beauty Academy - save 89%


  • Online course: This Online E-File Course for experienced nail technicians provides comprehensive knowledge on the art of nail filing using an electronic nail filer device.
  • Modules: Learn from 15 modules including but not limited to electric filing procedures, the relationship between E-files & acrylic, how to hold the handpiece, equipment safety and maintenance, and more.
  • Learning outcomes: You will be able to embark on a journey as a qualified nail technician and enhance your career, face more competitors in your chosen sector, and increase your skill set.
  • Access: As this is an online course, you will be required to have a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone and a reliable internet connection.
  • Perfect for: This course is suitable for experienced nail technicians who wish to be a qualified nail technician.
  • Certificate: This is a ABT accredited course. The printed and laminated certificates sent by post have additional charges applied to them.

Full Details

Get ready to file your way to fabulousness with this Online E-File Course!

We're offering you an Online E-File Course for just £8 saving you 89% off Kirren Karara Beauty Academy's price.

Online E-File course

Calling all seasoned nail wizards with a knack for nail artistry! Dive into this Online E-File Course tailored for experienced nail technicians wielding a nail qualification. Here, you'll master the art of efficiency, swiftly and securely whisking away overlays or extensions, and meticulously buffing, tidying, and trimming natural nails, all with the finesse of an E-file. Say goodbye to time-consuming methods and hello to streamlined perfection!

Course Modules:

  • Welcome to the course!
  • Health and safety
  • Electric filing procedures
  • Removing gel polish from acrylic enhancements
  • Troubleshooting
  • The relationship between E-files & acrylic
  • How to hold the handpiece
  • How to remove bulk or length from an artificial nail
  • Tidying up the free edge of an artificial nail enhancement
  • Refining the shape of an overlay
  • Buffing the overlay
  • How to remove overlays with the E-file
  • How to use the E-file on natural nails
  • Equipment safety and maintenance
  • E-file technique
  • Video demonstration
  • Assessment


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  • An assessment fee of £25 would be applicable, along with Laminated posted certificates which would be £20 or emailed or free.
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This deal is brought to you by Kirren Karara Beauty Academy

This deal is brought to you by Kirren Karara Beauty Academy