Acupressure Massage Masterclass

£8 instead of £329 for an Acupressure Massage Masterclass from Institute of Beauty & Makeup - save 98%




Acupressure Massage Masterclass
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Acupressure Massage Masterclass

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£8 instead of £329 for an Acupressure Massage Masterclass from Institute of Beauty & Makeup - save 98%


  • Unlock the power of healing touch: Discover the transformative art of acupressure massage and harness the potential to promote holistic well-being through this masterclass
  • Comprehensive techniques: You will master the intricate methods of applying pressure on specific points, fostering deep relaxation and easing muscle tension effectively.
  • Expert-led guidance: You will learn from seasoned professionals dedicated to imparting comprehensive knowledge and practical skills for successful acupressure massage therapy.
  • Tailored learning experience: You can customise your learning journey with flexible modules and resources, allowing you to grasp the nuances of acupressure massage at your own pace.
  • Proven stress relief: You will acquire the tools to alleviate stress and enhance overall wellness through targeted pressure techniques, nurturing a harmonious mind-body connection.
  • Certification: Get an immediate e-certificate for £6.99 or a printed certificate for £11.99 – CPD-accredited and industry-recognized

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Ready to become a stress-fighting ninja? Join the Acupressure Massage Masterclass and learn to release tension like a pro!

We’re offering you an Acupressure Massage Masterclass for £8, saving you 98% off Institute of Beauty & Makeup’s price.

Unwind your mind with Acupressure Massage Techniques

Discover the ancient art of acupressure massage, designed to ease muscle tension and soothe your mind. Through this comprehensive acupressure therapy masterclass, you'll learn the intricate techniques and principles of acupressure, enabling you to promote relaxation and wellness in yourself and others. Acquire the skills to unlock a pathway to holistic healing and rejuvenation, paving the way for a calmer, more balanced life.

Enhance your expertise with a range of techniques

  • Explore the fundamentals of pressure points and their impact on the body's energy flow through this masterclass.
  • You will master the art of rhythmic compression to alleviate stress and promote overall well-being.
  • You will also understand the application of gentle yet effective massage techniques for targeted relief.

Why should you learn Acupressure Massage?

Acupressure massage is a time-honoured practice with proven benefits, ranging from stress reduction to improved circulation. By delving into this ancient technique, you can equip yourself with a valuable skill set that not only benefits your personal well-being but also presents opportunities for professional growth. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a novice in the world of massage therapy, our masterclass offers a transformative learning experience tailored to your pace and convenience.

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This deal is brought to you by Purple Academy Limited

This deal is brought to you by Purple Academy Limited