Murder Mystery Cruise

£10 instead of £37.43 for a murder cruise game at Broadway Murder Mysteries - save 73%




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Murder Mystery Cruise

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£10 instead of £37.43 for a murder cruise game at Broadway Murder Mysteries - save 73%


  • Murdercruise: Test your detective skills with an interactive valentine murder mystery.
  • The plot: There’s been a murder on the “Valentine in Venice” cruise aboard the love bucket and the murderer could be any one of the 20 guests assembled on the boat!
  • Up to 20 players: This game is a great way to get all your friends together for a thrilling evening of crime solving.
  • Game materials: You will be emailed a character booklet, a question menu, who did it slips and access to the Virtual Murderer Assignment Tool to assign the murderer, award certificates, guest invitation templates and Zoom background images.
  • Ages: This game is appropriate for ages 16+.
  • Duration: This game takes 1-2 hours to play.

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It’s a mystery how we find you such great deals… Are you and your friends up for an intellectual challenge? Because you won’t cruise through today’s deal.

We're offering you a valentine murder cruise game for just £10 saving you 73% off Broadway Murder Mystery’s price of £37.43.


How many people can play?
This murder mystery party is designed to be played by 6-20 people. ALL 20 roles have full motives and ANY of the characters could be the murderer.
How do you play?
Visit our website for a full rundown -
Can I play virtually via video chat?
Yes! Our games are designed dot be played virtually or in person, there are separate host guides for each format.
What do I actually get when I buy this? You will receive all the files needed to host and run your murder mystery party as a digital download. You’ll then be able to easily print the files and play as many times as you like! You will also receive a link to the “Evidence” video narrated by a Broadway actress.
Can you play more than once?
Absolutely! We’ve created this game to be played over and over again, because the murderer always changes! Use your “Who Did It Slips” to assign a new murderer each time you play! Plus, the answers to the questions each round are different based on whether or not the character is guilty!
What ages is this appropriate for?
This murder mystery party game is appropriate for ages 16+.
How long does it take to play?
We estimate 1-2 hours depending on your group size.

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This deal is brought to you by Broadway Murder Mysteries

This deal is brought to you by Broadway Murder Mysteries