Nurse Prescribing Diploma Online Course

£12 for an online Nurse Prescribing Diploma course from Academy for Health and Fitness



 Online Nurse Prescribing Diploma Course
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Nurse Prescribing Diploma Online Course

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£12 for an online Nurse Prescribing Diploma course from Academy for Health and Fitness


  • Nurse prescribing course: Get your hands on a course that will teach you all about nurse prescribing.
  • Skills: Master the art of making a difference in people's lives with this course.
  • Modules: With 17 modules including anxiety disorders, palliative care, prescribing medication, drug misuse and more (see below).
  • Course materials: Learn through online study materials, mock exams and multiple choice assessments.
  • Perfect for: This course is ideal for those who want to gain some basic knowledge in order to start their career in the nursing or the UK healthcare system and want a introduction ahead of pursuing formal qualifications.
  • One-year acess: With online access for one year - work at home or on the go at your own pace!

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Bring those nursing skills over here with the help of this course!

We’re offering you an online nurse prescribing diploma course for just £12 from Academy for Health and Fitness.


  • Module 01: Introduction to Nurse Prescribing
  • Module 02-Responsibilities of Nurse Prescribing
  • Module 03-Standards for Prescribing Practice
  • Module 04-Prescribing Controlled Drugs
  • Module 05-Neuropathic Pain in Adults Pharmacological Management
  • Module 06-Generalised Anxiety Disorder in Adults
  • Module 07-Tackling Panic Disorder in Adults
  • Module 08-Headaches in Over 12s Diagnosis and Management
  • Module 09-Depression in Adults with a Chronic Physical Health Problem
  • Module 10-Palliative Care for Adults
  • Module 11-Respiratory Tract Infections (Self-Limiting) Prescribing Antibiotics
  • Module 12-Prescribing and Managing Medicines in Care Homes
  • Module 13-Pneumonia (Hospital – Acquired) Antimicrobial Prescribing
  • Module 14-Prostatitis (Acute) Antimicrobial Prescribing
  • Module 15-Sinusitis (Acute) Antimicrobial Prescribing
  • Module 16-Drug Misuse in Over 16s Opioid Detoxification
  • Module 17-Future Challenges for Nurse Prescribers

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  • Please note: Introduction to Adult Nursing course contains useful information and expertise about nursing procedures and drug administration. Completing the course will not result in official registration as an NMC nurse prescriber or the professional qualifications required to practice as a professional in the healthcare field.
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This deal is brought to you by Academy for Health and Fitness

This deal is brought to you by Academy for Health and Fitness