Mental Health Nurse Training Program

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Mental Health Nurse Training Program
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Mental Health Nurse Training Program

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£8 instead of £29.99 for a Mental Health Nurse Training Program from Study Plex - save 73%


  • Online course: This Mental Health Nurse Training program offers a proficient mental health nursing practice that aims to develop effective skills to provide tailored support to patients to improve their well-being.
  • Modules: Learn from 13 modules including but not limited to introduction to mental health nursing, mental health well-being in the UK, models of care delivery in mental health nursing, and more.
  • Learning outcomes: You will be able to embark on a journey as a professional mental health nurse and enhance your career, face more competitors in your chosen sector, and increase your skill set.
  • Access: As this is an online program, you will be required to have a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone and a reliable internet connection. It requires no academic qualification and makes it accessible to students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Perfect for: This program is suitable for aspiring nurses interested in specialising in mental health care as well as for existing nursing professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in mental health nursing.
  • Certificate: This program is CPD-certified. Upon completing the program, you can order your certificate of achievement as proof of your new skill.

Full Details

Join this Mental Health Nurse Training Program, where you’ll learn to turn psych into psyched and transform your career for sure!

We're offering you a Mental Health Nurse Training Program Course for just £8 saving you 73% off Study Plex's price.

Become proficient mental health nurse

Embark on a journey to become a compassionate and proficient mental health nurse by enrolling in this all-encompassing Mental Health Nurse Training program. This comprehensive course delves into a myriad of vital subjects, equipping you with the knowledge and proficiency necessary to thrive in the realm of mental health care. Throughout the program, you'll traverse the historical landscape of mental health services, delve into the intricacies of mental well-being in the United Kingdom, and scrutinise the challenges and prospects in bolstering individuals' mental wellness. Upon completion, you'll emerge equipped with the expertise and capabilities to effectuate positive change in the lives of those grappling with mental health adversities.

Is this a certified course?

Yes, this mental health nurse training program is CPD certified, ideal for professional learning.

Course Modules:

  • Welcome to the course!
  • Module 01: Introduction to mental health nursing
  • Module 02: Evolution of mental health services
  • Module 03: Mental health well-being in the UK
  • Module 04: UK mental health legislation
  • Module 05: Common mental health problems in the UK
  • Module 06: Models of care delivery in mental health nursing
  • Module 07: Types of therapy and treatment approaches
  • Module 08: Therapeutic relationship facets of mental health nursing
  • Module 09: The 10 essential shared capabilities
  • Module 10: Child adolescent mental health
  • Module 11: Managing workplace-related stress
  • Module 12: Mental health nursing as a career choice
  • Module 13: The Mental Health Nursing Core Competence and Career Framework
  • Conclusion

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This deal is brought to you by Study Plex

This deal is brought to you by Study Plex