CPD Certified Personal Trainer Online Course

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CPD Certified Personal Trainer Online Course
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CPD Certified Personal Trainer Online Course

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£4 instead of £19.99 for a CPD Certified Personal Trainer Online Course from Study Plex - save 80%


  • Online course: Become a fitness expert from the comfort of your own home with this CPD Certified Personal Trainer Online Course
  • Modules: Learn vital modules including personal trainer responsibilities, muscle groups, workout design principles, essential exercises, bodybuilding nutrition, sleep improvement strategies, and more.
  • Learning outcomes: With this course, you will emerge as a knowledgeable fitness trainer, capable of designing effective workouts, advising on nutrition, and aiding clients in achieving their fitness goals.
  • Access: This online course can easily be accessed anywhere, anytime for a year through any internet-enabled device.
  • Perfect for: This course is perfect for aspiring fitness trainers, fitness enthusiasts looking to expand their skills, and professionals seeking to specialise in specific fitness areas.
  • Certificate: Upon completion, receive a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certification, recognised globally, validating your expertise as a qualified personal trainer.

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Don't just flex your muscles, flex your brain too! Turn your passion for fitness into a profession with this course.

We're offering you a CPD Certified Personal Trainer Online Course for just £4 saving you 80% off Study Plex's price.

Comprehensive CPD Certified Personal Trainer Course

This CPD-certified personal trainer online course equips individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the fitness training industry. Led by experienced instructors, the course covers topics such as understanding personal trainer roles, identifying muscle groups, designing effective workouts, and implementing bodybuilding nutrition strategies. This course caters to individuals aspiring to pursue a career in fitness training, whether they're beginners or seasoned enthusiasts. No academic prerequisites are required for this course; it welcomes students from all academic backgrounds who have access to a device with internet connectivity.

Course Modules:

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  • Introduction: Learn about the roles and responsibilities of a strength coach.
  • Major Muscle Groups Explained: Understand key muscle groups, fibers, agonists, antagonists, and specific muscles.
  • Muscle Growth Fundamentals: Explore muscle growth myths, hypertrophy, progressive overload, and gains over time.
  • Client Assessment: Learn how to interview clients and estimate their 1 rep maximum strength.
  • Workout Design: Design effective workouts for beginners, including exercises, sets, reps, and rest periods.
  • Sample Workouts: Design beginner routines for 3, 4, and 5 days, including warm-up techniques.
  • Compound Exercises: View correct form videos for key lifts like bench press, squats, and deadlifts.
  • Isolation Exercises: Watch videos for exercises targeting specific muscle groups.
  • Setting Up a Bodybuilding Diet: Understand nutrition, calorie counting, and meal planning for muscle gain or weight loss.
  • Supplements: Learn about beginner supplements like protein powder and creatine.
  • Rest and Recovery: Explore post-workout routines, breaking plateaus, deloading, and sleep tips.
  • FAQ and Miscellaneous: Answering common questions like gender-specific training, bedtime nutrition, and electric muscle stimulation.

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This deal is brought to you by Study Plex

This deal is brought to you by Study Plex